Refund Policy

Refund requests will be processed according to refund policy.
Last Update: July 19, 2019

1. Domain Service

1.1. No refund once the domain is registered successfully.

1.2. No refund for domain renewal, domain transfer, domain auction.

2. Virtual Private Servers

2.1. 3-day money back guarantee on VPS with no question asked for your first (1st) VPS order, except for special cases.

2.2. Prorated refund can be given if it is over 3 days, or it is not your first VPS order.

Amount to Refund = (unused days / total days) * plan cost * 0.90 - transaction fee.

No refund if:

    A. Traffic has been used up.

    B. IP has been blocked because it is target of an attack.

    C. VPS is suspended or terminated due to violation of ToS and AUP.

    D. User has already raised multiple refund requests.

3. Dedicated Server

No refund upon delivery

4. Colocation

No refund at any circumstances.

5. SSL Certificate

No refund once the certificate issued.

6. Management Service

Refund can be given only if our technical support cannot finish the task.

7. License

No refund upon issued.

8. Set up fee of IP announcement / BGP Session / Anycast.

No refund at any circumstances.

9. Other Services or Products

Please contact us.