Additional Resources for Your Server

IP Address

By default, 1 IP is included for each VPS. You can order additional IP addresses during order process or request upgrade via support ticket. Proper justification is needed.

Service Price
Additional IPv4 $2.6 / Month
Additional IPv6 FREE

Network Traffic

Your server will go offline if network traffic is used up. You can order additional traffic or wait for next traffic reset day. The price of additional traffic varies by regions.

Region Cost
Asia (HK/SG/JP/KR) $2 / 100GB
Europe (NL/FR) $1 / 100GB
USA (LA1/LA2/LA3) $1 / 100GB

VPS specs

The basic prices for VPS specs upgrade are listed below. Please contact us for quotation.

Specs Cost
CPU $10 / Core
RAM $8 / GB
HDD $1 / 10GB

BGP Session

BGP session with AS134835 is available for VPS and dedicated servers in specific regions. A set up fee of $50 will be charged. Please contact us for more details.

Service Cost
BGP Session $50 one time